strange sentience

math, fugues, meditative neurosis

Month: April, 2013


Ego is like a balloon. The bigger it gets, the emptier it becomes.

The boundary of the balloon is the boundary of yourself: it is eternal timeless right now, free of imposed desire or belief. By emptying yourself, you fulfill yourself, and become the boundary which is the boundary of self and all, and which thus has no boundary. This is called enlightenment, and is metaphor referring to the nameless Buddha nature (unconditioned emptiness) within and without each and every sentient being. It has no name, because names are only extensions of grasping self. Names can only point to their oblivion.

As Lao Tzu said, “No self? Self is fulfilled.”



Without mindfulness, every quality self-progenerates.

You are your habits.

Without mindfulness, these qualities of mind only self-reify.

Cultivating ubiquitous directed presence is the basis of meditation.