strange sentience

math, fugues, meditative neurosis

Nothing Is Hidden


Nothing is confusing.
Nothing is a paradox.
Nothing is universal.
Nothing is complete.
Nothing precedes itself.
Nothing is eternal.
Nothing is like nothing we can imagine.
Nothing is impossible.
Nothing is realized.



If before birth
Is as after death
Rebirth follows.

Being beyond being,
there is one nothing.
Nothing singular, we are one.


Source: MetaMettā

The metamathematics of set theory studies the relative conceptualizability and consequentiality of the irreducibly-conjectural internal dynamics of infinity.


Zen, it could be said, but eschews language, and thus this, as a falsity. This follows from the truth that all ostensible truth is temporary. The vacuity of language may be even linguistically illustrated by the aphorism “Now is then,” which draws attention to the evanescence of experiential understanding. Zen’s only “belief” is non-belief: “Don’t know.”

Do not be as a leaf, blown by the whims of sloth.

To be enlightened is to be enlightening; that is, enlightenment is enlightening.

You are always looking in the mirror.

You are always looking in the mirror.

Your means of escape is the very thing keeping you trapped.

Feed not that whose hunger is reinforced by feeding, but that whose hunger abates.